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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Engerati mentions Netherlands project that casts doubt on efficacy of smart meters

Engerati, the "smart energy nework", has many interesting articles and blogs on the subject, including a recent excellent piece on what is happening in UK - have you seen the plans for animations featuring Gaz and Leccy?

 It also draws on experience in the Netherlands which appears to show very limited -for electricity statistically insignificant- reductions in energy use following a smart meter trial there.

The message I draw from this is the overwhelming need for behavioural engagement as espoused by such enlightened companies as Opower

Why should the UK energy consumer be forced to pay for a smart meter that does not deliver savings? If implemented, they must be part of a much wider programme of engagement and energy saving techniques including time-of-use shifting., as explained on my site theintelligentplug.com